Inbuilt Secure GSM

Inbuilt Secure GSM is designed to protect your mobile communication from eavesdropping and interception by providing Military Grade Security for your confidential mobile phone conversations. Inbuilt Secure GSM Application (SCL-ISG3G) is a software application which can be installed on smart phones supporting 3G (UMTS), 2G (GPRS and EDGE) or a Wi-Fi network. SCL-ISG3G can convert any iPhone or Android based smart phone into secure phone. After installing the phone can also be used for normal communication.

SCL-ISG3G works as peer-to-peer to provide end-to-end security for your communication. The entire voice traffic is encrypted using Military Grade encryption algorithms. Whenever a call is set up between two ISG 3G users, a new set of 256 bit unique keys are generated for the encryption/decryption of the communication. Once the call is over these keys will destroyed by the application and will never be used again in the life cycle of the equipment.

SCL-ISG3G offers the flexibility for the Government agencies to load their own crypto algorithm in case if they do not want to use factory implemented encryption algorithm.

Since the SCL-ISG3G is working on the data network so all secured calls weather local or international will be on IP network and hence standard international call traffic will not be applied. The SCL-ISG-3G can be customized to meet customer specific requirements.


  • Fully secure duplex communication using GSM phones
  • Military Grade encryption for mobile conversations with a 256- bit key
  • Flexibility to add proprietary or custom encryption algorithm of the customer
  • Provides end-to-end security for your communication
  • Phone with SCL-ISG3G can also be used for normal GSM calls
  • Support most popular smart phones based on Android and iPhone
  • Can access the mobile device contacts for Secure Calling
  • Can make encrypted calls worldwide without incurring international call tariff
  • Customization to meet customer specific requirements

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