Satellite Carrier Analysis System (SCL-SCAS)

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Satellite Carrier Monitoring

The Satellite Carrier Analysis System (SCL-SCAS) has been designed to perform scanning on the selected RF spectrum in automatic and manual mode. The SCL-SCSA has inherent capability to carry out the search of specific carriers within the selected spectrum for processing by the system operator from the satellite under analysis. System searches for all carriers in the spectrum, each carrier is automatically detected and analyzed. System automatically detects the modulation types of the carrier and measures the various parameters of the same.

SCL-SCAS performs an integrated search involving the use of specially designed demodulator to search the spectrum and classify the carriers like DCME or IP or GSM which are operating on the respective frequencies within the spectrum under analysis. This will provide a complete picture to the system operator of the various carriers identified which can be further analyzed for identification of target links. SCL-SCAS provides session layer protocols information for IP carriers.


  • Automatic Carrier Parameter Measurement
    • RF Power
    • Center Frequency
    • Bandwidth
    • Eb/No
    • C/No
  • Automatic Unique Parameter Measurements
    • Modulation type (16QAM, BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK and 8PSK)
    • Symbol rate
    • BER
    • Eb/No
  • Transmission type - the continuous or burst (TDMA)
  • Type of error-correction coding, type scrambler, framer, linear, signal and data transmission protocols
  • Classify the carriers like DCME, VSAT, IP, GSM Abis

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