Handling Ever-Evolving Challenges of LEA’s & GOV’s?

In the age of 5th Generation Warfare, threats both external & internal are increasingly occupying the virtual cyber space.

Today, terrorists weaponize web based messaging & VOIP call applications to co-ordinate with their counterparts. Using Anonymization techniques like TOR & VPN’s over mobiles & ad-hoc internet; Anti-social elements abuse social media accounts: Groups & channels are abused for spreading propaganda. This makes narrowing down upon the terrorist’s identification, location & to monitor their virtual activities a challenge.
Anti-government elements also actively spread Fake News via social media, messaging applications & various platforms. Locating the origin of these fake posts & messages is a challenge, especially when as in most cases anonymous handles & anonymization means are used. Often, their objective is to artificially create protests, riots & violence which when streamed live online cause further civil unrest.
Fake News via social media
With easily accessible technology, today anyone interested can bypass existing traditional security apparatus. This poses as a challenge in tackling terrorism, organized Crimes, Cyber Crimes & various anti-social elements.
Actionable Intelligence

The need of an hour is to have the ability to monitor the communication of applications utilized by perpetrators to co-ordinate such crimes. Suspicious social media accounts require an automated analysis to bring up Actionable Intelligence inter-operating with similar social media groups & channels. Visibility of traffic through TOR & VPN’s is vital to gain insights into the looming threats.

Information Warfare

Fake news, Information Warfare media lead to unauthorized events often going uncontrolled resulting into political violence & civil unrest. Early spotting of fake news on Social media & messaging group’s leads into identification of its origin. Ability to resolve fake identities with the real ones is required to efficiently neutralize anonymous handles. Monitoring capability to identify Inflammatory Content over internet is essential to limit its reach amongst innocents.

Shoghi provides the capability to not only monitor the communication applications used by perpetrators but also offers an intelligence edge by identifying the Malicious Content. Geo Locating Anonymous targets/Fake Profiles based on their posts/tweets facilitates in filtering out the propaganda used by anti-social elements while limiting their activities through TOR & VPN’s.
The threat intelligence ability inter-operates to identify terror groups in cyber space, relevantly profiling the supporters & perpetrators to expose their multiple identities capable of giving out the real one. Further, offering real time monitoring over the digital sphere results in identification & blocking of inflammatory content preventing innocents from protests, riots, violence & social unrest.

Our field proven ability to penetrate the Dark Web communities leads us in automated 24/7 real time monitoring of dark web for any intelligence available in the Darknet regarding threats existing by these targets, including terror, arm and drug dealings, weapon trading, forged documents, and so on. The system uses a combination of advanced filtering algorithms, along with hundreds of Dark Net information sources, constantly maintained and refreshed by our cyber analyst team to identify specific threats by gathering all intelligence on desired targets.

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