Strategic Thuraya Monitoring System

The use of Thuraya Satellite Phones for criminal and terrorists activities are a big headache for intelligence agencies. In order to maintain law and order in today’s homeland security challenges intelligence plays a vital role to take prompt decision. Shoghi Communication offers fully passive solution which will enable your national defense and intelligence agencies to passively intercept the traffic from Thuraya satellite phones of your own country as well neighbouring countries. The along with the session content system will also provide the location of intercepted Thuraya satellite phones which can be shown on integrated digital map. System is capable of intercepting Thuraya phone traffic from both Thyraya-2 and Thuraya-3 satellites and available in Strategic, Transportable and Tactical configuration to cater for different operational requirements. All the three systems mentioned above use state of art technology for deciphering of cipher algorithms used on Thuraya network to provide plain human intelligible content.

Strategic Thuraya Monitoring System

Strategic Thuraya Monitoring System

The Strategic Thuraya Monitoring System (SCL-5030S) is designed and developed for fixed installation with both C and L-band monitoring infrastructure. SCL-5030S is capable of monitoring, deciphering and logging Thuraya communications including Voice, SMS FAX and Thuraya Data. SCL-5030S provides both sides of the communication (full duplex call), call related information (CRI) along with the location of the Thuraya Phone.

The Monitoring of L-band (between Thuraya satellite and Thuraya mobile) and C-band (b/w Thuraya Satellite and Thuraya Gateway), provides total traffic monitoring of the targeted spot beams each of which are upto 400 Km depending upon the traffic. Normally cluster of 7 spot beams are available at any location under the Thuraya footprint which can be monitored by the Strategic Thuraya Monitoring System. However the coverage of system to monitor more than 7 spot beams, can be extended by deploying Transportable or Tactical L-band only Thuraya Monitoring system.


Transportable Thuraya Monitoring System

Transportable Thuraya Monitoring system (SCL-5030SP) is designed and developed to intercept Thuraya Phone traffic from L-band. System provide duplex calls upto 15 Km and beyond that in simplex. The transportable Thuraya Monitoring system can provide additional 7 spot beam coverage to Strategic Thuraya Monitoring System. System is capable of intercepting 7 spot beams and 224 calls simultaneously.

Transportable system is mainly used for the coverage extension of Strategic Thuraya Monitoring system to receive and process the duplex calls of another cluster of 7 spot beams.


Tactical Thuraya Monitoring System

The Tactical Thuraya Monitoring System (SCL-5020T) is designed as ruggedized and portable system to make it ideal for clandestine missions. SCL-5020T is capable of intercepting full duplex Thuraya traffic upto 15 Km from L-band and beyond in simplex. The system is capable of intercepting upto 4 spot beams and 128 calls simultaneously. SCL-5020T can be used for the coverage extension of Strategic Thuraya Monitoring system to receive and process the duplex calls of additional 4 spot beams.



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