Uses of malware (Viruses, spyware, trojans and worms) for mobile devices to covertly monitor the complete activity of the mobile phone users are common now days. Malware can track mobile phone user’s movements in the real world and steal all information including passwords. Remote intrusion of malware is a serious issue for the government agencies to protect their phones, identities as well as conversation. Shoghi Communications offers state of art ShieldMaster MP which is a secure smart phone with Hardened OS with full disk encryption to provide encrypted communication and same time protection from zero-day attacks. ShieldMater MP is designed to prevent it from all major vulnerabilities, exploits and allows only signed, pre-checked apps.

ShieldMaster MP protects your communication from eavesdropping and interception by providing Military Grade Security for your confidential conversations. ShieldMaster MP provides encrypted voice calls, encrypted text conversations, encrypted file sharing, encrypted group chat and encrypted video message. ShieldMaster MP is compatible with GSM / CDMA / HSPA / LTE Network.

ShieldMaster MP works as peer-to-peer to provide end-to-end security for your communication. Encryption key is made using DH 8192 or ECC 571 key exchange algorithm and signed using the digital certificate. The entire voice traffic is encrypted using Military Grade encryption algorithms. Whenever a call is set up between two ShieldMaster MP users, a new set of 256 bit unique keys are generated for the encryption/decryption of the communication. Once the call is over these keys will destroyed by the application and will never be used again in the life cycle of the equipment

ShieldMaster MP offers the flexibility for the Government agencies to load their own crypto algorithm in case if they do not want to use factory implemented encryption algorithm.

Since the ShieldMaster MP is working on the Cellular DATA & IP network so all secured calls whether local or international will be on Cellular DATA & IP network and hence standard international call traffic will not be applied. The ShieldMaster MP can be customized to meet customer specific requirements.

ShieldMaster MP is fully compatible with our Inbuilt Secure GSM Application (for iOS and Android), Inbuilt Secure Desktop Application (for Mac and Windows) and ShieldMaster DP desktop phone. User with ShieldMaster MP can communicate securely with other users which are on different networks and using Secure GSM Application (for iOS and Android), Inbuilt Secure Desktop Application (for Mac and Windows) and ShieldMaster DP.



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