Automatic Satellite Carrier Analysis and Geo-Location System

Locating the satellite carriers of interest has been one of the key requirements of all intelligence agencies worldwide. Available satellite carrier geolocation technologies in the market always had a drawback as these systems require transmitting of a carrier signal on the target satellite as well as these cannot locate multiple carriers. Shoghi’s New Passive Automatic Satellite Carrier Analysis and Geo-Location System (SCL-SCAG) is a Big GAME Changer in this domain. SCL-SCAG has been designed to work in fully automatic mode to analyse and geolocate the satellite carriers in the L, C, X, Ku and Ka frequency bands without transmitting any signal on the target satellite.

Automatic Satellite Carrier Analysis and Geolocation System (SCL-SCAG) consists of state of art hardware and software to analyse and geolocate the carriers of interest. The software of SCL-SCAG is based on hyperbolic techniques using TDOA (Time Difference Of Arrival) and FDOA (Frequency Difference Of Arrival) estimates, and involving two or more adjacent satellites. It allows signal selection and corresponding transmitter geo-location within minutes. The location accuracy ranges from a 1 km to a few tens of km, depending on operating conditions.

SCL-SCAG is equipped with both automatic and manual processing mode which allowing geolocation of the more difficult cases such as carriers with SNR up to -70dB on mirror satellite, bursted carriers, “double-talk” carriers etc.

Thanks to all bias compensation (on board LO, phase noise, satellites orbits) with our original algorithms (multi-references or co-orbit) we have achieved accurate localizations, up to 1 km. SCL-SCAG can carry out localization of all kind of carriers (narrow or wide band, analog or digital carriers, jammers and noise)

The calculated location of the carriers can be displayed with a mapping tool integrated in the system. The mapping tool uses images allowing displaying high accurate details till street level. System can also be configured to use Google Earth satellite images.



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