Detection, jamming and localizing of illicit usage of mobiles phones inside the prison are at utmost importance for prison authorities. The traditional jammers have lot of pitfalls and are not capable of fulfilling the requirements of Jail authorities. Keeping the current challenges and requirements in mind Shoghi has designed Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer specially for Prison applications to identify and locate mobile phones used by prisoners. The Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer (SCL-ICPJ) is based on intelligent 2G, 3G and 4G/LTE Cell Phone Sensors which can be programmed not to disturb the normal working of cell phones used by jail authorities. The Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer includes everything needed to detect, acquire and locate cell phones which can be then seized by the jail authorities.

The Intelligent Cell Phone Jammer (SCL-ICPJ) is designed to work in fixed indoor and outdoor installations inside a particular prison building or outside in the yard. The standard unit output power is 10 watts which provide a typical up to 300 meter operational range. The operator can modify the coverage area by changing the transmitted power up to 10 watts. The SCL-ICPJ is a supports 900 MHz/1800 MHz ,3G and 4G/LTE frequency bands.

The SCL-ICPJ is a tactical system which can be used for mobile operation as well as in fixed installation depending upon the operational requirement. The fixed installation will be in areas that will cover the places where the prisoners may use the phones such as inside the cells, near the windows or in the open ground.

SCL-ICPJ is equipped with GSM Direction Finder to locate the selected cell phone in the detection software. The SCL-GSM DF is very useful to locate the target inside the multi-floor building or in a crowded area.



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