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Small Footprint
Multichannel Receiver

Shoghi’s Multichannel Radio Monitoring Solutions comprise small footprint multichannel receivers with independent 80 MHz tuners sharing up to 256 individually configurable Digital Downconverters (DDC). The Server/Client architecture is optimized for real-time performance which continuously streams individual channels in parallel to multiple remote computers & servers. The combination of a large number of DDCs, analog demodulation, and remote operation makes it ideal for listening to hundreds of narrowband communication signals at a low cost/signal ratio.

Communication Receiver

Wireless communication standards are increasingly diverse and there are a continuously growing number of communication signals in the spectrum. Using conventional methods for communication surveillance and spectrum monitoring increases the cost almost proportionally to the number of signals. New cost-efficient solutions are thus needed to effectively monitor the diverse communication signals and to identify RF interferers. Shoghi’s Multichannel Receivers are cost-effective, yet flexible for narrowband communication surveillance and spectrum monitoring applications.

Applications in Focus
Strategic COMINT

Strategic COMINT: The most important goal in strategic COMINT is to gather as much data as possible. Multichannel Receivers for COMINT having a large amount of individually configurable DDCs, also known as digital drop receivers, give the freedom to capture as many signals as needed while keeping the cost per channel pretty low.

Multichannel Telemetry Receiver: Applications like Aero and Industrial turbine testing have a growing need to acquire data from more and more remote sensors to ensure product uptime in mission-critical applications. Multichannel Receiver for COMINT provides hundreds of individual channels and real-time demodulation in a single box.

Multichannel Telemetry Receiver

Superior Cost Per Channel

Shoghi’s Multichannel Receivers for COMINT are built on COTS hardware, enabling an efficient implementation of hundreds of DDCs. Shoghi provides a cost-efficient multichannel receiver solution with superior cost per channel performance. Additional benefits include short lead times and a high degree of flexibility to configure the DDC channels individually.

Remote Operation

The receiver can be operated independently with a local computer. It also supports out-of-the-box networked operations. Networked operation is ideal when the receiver is placed in remote locations which are difficult to access. The remote operation gives a higher level of freedom to have multiple operators monitoring the signals from various locations. The intuitive API ensures a smooth integration into existing environments or propriety environments.

The internet sphere is an accumulation of bulk information and is expanding rapidly. Thus, it provides a good quantity of open-source data available for the investigator to investigate in a short period, which is not a feature of any other intellectual discipline.

In a networked COMINT environment, the amount of data can quickly become overwhelming to handle. With Shoghi’s Multichannel Receivers, it is possible to optimize the streaming rate to the host computer in several steps. First, it channelizes only the signals of interest which eliminate the need to stream the entire spectrum. Second, the build-in analog demodulation blocks reduce the amount of data further. Combined it reduces the amount of data which needs to be transferred and the processing load on the computer. The result is reduced cost for the infrastructure and simplified data management.

The internet sphere is an Automatic intercept workflow has a fully automatic approach for intercept, classification, demodulation, decoding, and recording of radio signal emissions in a wideband spectrum environment.

In combination with monitoring receivers, the protocol decoders deliver a full-feature capability. A wideband frequency range is intercepted and monitored automatically. Detected signal activations are classified and technical parameters of the signals are determined. Known signals are automatically recorded and demodulated to live audio and decoding. Collected results are stored in a database.

New and unknown signals can be recorded for more in-depth manual analysis, enabling the operator to concentrate on priority signals of interest. The new and unknown signals are analyzed and related decoders are created by the customer to maintain operational currency.

The entire capability is available for manual and automatic operation from manual signal processing and rapid analysis of an individual signal up to fully automatic signal search, intercept, and processing.


Shoghi has played a herculean role in this arena by ensuring that users can benefit from frequent and direct communications that Shoghi holds regularly with global regulators, trade bodies, and standards organizations. We are committed to ensure that our products reach the market within a successful, open, multi-vendor chain and that our customers gain from continuous and competitive development.

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