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The world has been graduating from terrestrial communication systems to satellite based communication systems over a period of time. A large number of clandestine organisations, non-state actors and anti-national elements have also taken advantage of these freely available satellite phones. Governments all over the world have experienced the nuisance caused by the non-state actors who have been using these communication instruments against the national security of various countries.

In order to circumvent the situation, Shoghi has designed and developed a Unified Satellite Phone Monitoring System which encompasses monitoring of Thuraya, Iridium and IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phones in a single box as a comprehensive system.

Unified Satellite Phone Monitoring System (SCL-1625TII) is designed to intercept Voice, SMS, and Data traffic from Thuraya, Iridium, and IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phones operating on Thuraya, Iridium, and Inmarsat networks.

The system is pre-integrated and pre-configured in a compact ruggedized transportable casing for plug-and-play operations. SCL-1625TII intercepts signals from L-band uplink (from Satellite Phones to Satellite) and downlink (from Satellite to Satellite Phones). It monitors duplex calls within its uplink coverage range (LOS) and beyond those simplex calls. The system is equipped with state-of-the-art high-performance Thuraya and IsatPhone Pro decryption module and Iridium proprietary protocol decoder module to provide processed plain output in the form of Voice, SMS, and Data along with session-related information such as Called Phone Numbers, Caller ID, TMSI/IMSI/IMEI and geo-locations.


Compact plug-and-play system which can be carried manually for clandestine operations.

Can be used to intercept terrorists, smugglers, intruders, criminals, and adversary’s satellite phones across borders.

Can intercept up to 64 Thuraya, 64 Iridium, and 64 IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phones simultaneously.

Can intercept up to 64 Thuraya, 64 Iridium, and 64 IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phones simultaneously.

Can provide duplex calls by intercepting L-band downlink and Uplink.

Unified User Interface to display the intercepted traffic from all the satellite networks on the single user interface.

Can display multiple targets on the map with different color flags for easy visual identification.

Can perform geo-fencing to monitor the calls from a specific area.

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Intercepts the traffic from up to 7 spot beams of Thuraya, up to 4 Narrow Spot beams of IsatPhone Pro, and up to 3 Iridium Satellites over the area of operation simultaneously.

Automatically Demodulates, Decodes, and Decrypts Traffic to obtain plain Voice and SMS sessions along with the session-related information.

Automatically determines and processes Inter-Beam and Inter-satellite handoff.

Maintains internal call data record for each communication with all identity parameters that can be intercepted for each call.

System provides flexibility to the operator to track the target position on an integrated digital map.

Housed in a ruggedized portable rack consisting of Receiver Module, Main Processing Unit, and foldable Three Display Screens.

The integrated multiple display screens provide flexibility to the operator to view the real-time status of all the three systems simultaneously.



The Unified Satellite Phone Monitoring System is a 100% Passive System for automated Interception and collection of traffic from Thuraya -2 / Thuraya -3, Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro & Iridium Satellite Phones to achieve actionable intelligence. It carries out passive Surveillance of the area of your interest, without any knowledge of targets. It is capable of tracking and interception of target phones within the country or across the border. It assists in elimination of crime and terrorism in your own country. It has a small tactical form factor which is for easy transportation. The Plug and Play usage further enables the operators to use the system even with limited technical knowledge.

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