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SHOGHI, with the assistance of the sensors, computers, analytics and machine learning, can comprehend and respond to situations made enormously complex due to million bytes of digital information, milliseconds of time, gathered network relationships and multitudes of external data sources.
Situational Intelligence – A boon to the Defence Forces!
SHOGHI uses Situational Intelligence to augment the normal human abilities for Situational Awareness to develop an optimal response during a crisis, and also in preventing a crisis, thus helping the Defence, Government & Intelligence Agencies to ward off a crisis through better decision-making and can help prioritize resources to people or areas that need them the most.
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Situational Intelligence – A boon to the Defence Forces
Electronic Warfare’ must for Security Forces
‘Electronic Warfare’ must for Security Forces
Shoghi provides a wide range of ESM/ECM/ELINT systems under its Electronic Warfare (EW) umbrella for airborne or ground based systems which can be used for interception and processing of electronic transmissions and also for jamming and denial of the usage of the radio frequency spectrum to the adversaries.
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Other capabilities
Our pristine capabilities in the fields of Cyber Intelligence, COMSEC, Satellite Imaging, Avionics and Trainings, Border Surveillance Supports Countries Defense.

Shoghi’s Situational Intelligence, utilizes the traditional situational awareness along with the collective intelligence gathered by the team, from the hub of an impacted area, resulting in a dynamic process where the statistics are gathered, interpreted and documented.
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Other capabilities
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