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January 2016

Iridium Monitoring System (SCL-3415)

Iridium Monitoring System (SCL-3415) is designed to intercept Voice, SMS and Data traffic from Iridium satellite phones. The system is pre-integrated & pre-configured in a compact ruggedized transportable casing for plug and play operations. SCL-3415 intercepts the signals from L-band uplink (from Iridium Phones to Iridium Satellites) and downlink (from Iridium Satellites to Iridium Phones) to provide the duplex calls upto 20 Kms (LOS) and beyond that simplex calls. System uses state of the art techniques to handle Iridium proprietary protocol and provides processed intelligible output in the form of Voice, SMS and Data sessions along with session related information such as Called Party Phone Number (for session initiated by Iridium Phone),Caller ID, TMSI/IMSI/IMEI and geo-location.

Iridium Monitoring System

SCL-3415 can intercept upto 32 calls simultaneously and can track target on integrated digital map or google map. System can display the multiple targets on map with different colour flags for easy visual identification and also provides the flexibility to the operator to listen the target call form map.


Vehicular RCIED Jamming System

Vehicular RCIED Jammer is designed for the protection of vehicles in convoy or individual from RCIED triggered explosives. System is capable of jamming the frequency range from 25-6000MHz with an integral power of up to 1300watts to provide a good protective radius around the vehicle.

SCL-VJ uses Direct Digital Synthesis technology to defeat the remote controlled improvised explosives devices. The design of the Jammer offers great flexibility for rapid field deployment on both mobile and fixed platforms. Keeping health issues due to radiation, we provide the RF protection shielding to the driver and passengers by customizing the vehicle.

Vehicular RCIED Jammer

The entire frequency range is splited in 12 different modules to covers the military, commercial and citizen bands in VHF/UHF bands, GSM/CDMA, UMTS and Wi Fi frequency bands. These modules are able to jam specific types of communication systems like Radio Sets, GSM 2G / 3G Cell Phones, GPS receivers or Satellite phones.

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