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January 2016
GSM Monitoring

GSM Monitoring

In order to find the suspicious targets in a crowded area or to keep eye on the criminal/suspect without involving service provider or going through the warrant process. The off-the-air GSM monitoring system is powerful and practical tool for the intelligence agencies to meet the field operational requirements. Such systems are portable and can be used for clandestine mission or can be installed in vehicle for covert operations. Shoghi Communications Ltd has designed passive and semi-active system for off-the-air GSM traffic interception. Both of these systems can be used in different scenarios based on the field operational requirement.

Passive GSM Monitoring System (SCL-5020P)
The Passive GSM Monitoring System has been designed to intercept the GSM traffic off-the-air from GSM 2G, 2.5G,3G and 4G/LTE cellular networks. SCL-5020P is equipped with state of art A5.1 hardware decryptor and A5.2 software decryption module to decrypt the intercepted communication in real time and provides plain Voice and SMS along with Call related Information. System support standard GSM,3G and 4G/LTE frequency bands including 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.  Passive GSM Monitoring System

SCL-5020P is completely passive system and its presence cannot be detected. The one system can monitor upto 32 target cell phones simultaneously and provides full duplex communication. Along with the call content system will provide the distance of the target from its serving service providers BTS based on timing advance parameter of GSM network and can also shows service provider BTS on Google map, this provides an fair idea about target location. Along with the Voice and SMS traffic system also intercepts and displays the protocol information which can be used by the operators for the deep analysis of target data. SCL-5020P can be used in both static as well as in mobile scenarios depending upon the operational requirement. For deployment of the system in mobile scenarios, a vehicle integration kit can be provided to install the system in vehicle.


Semi Active GSM Monitoring System
The Semi Active off-the-air GSM Monitoring System (SCL-5020SE) is designed using cutting edge technology to intercept the Voice, SMS and GPRS data from GSM 2G, 2.5G,3G and 4G/LTE cellular networks. The system support standard GSM, 3G and 4G/LTE frequency bands including 850/900/1800/1900 MHz.SCL-5020SE is equipped with state of art A5.1 hardware decryptor and A5.2 software decryption module to decrypt the intercepted communication in real time. Depending upon the customer requirement, SCL-5020SE can be configured to intercept several GSM phones from multiple GSM service providers simultaneously. The standard configuration of the system can monitors up to 12 phones simultaneously from 5 different service providers. Semi-Active-GSM-Monitoring-System

The GPRS data processing module is seamlessly integrated with HTTPS/SSL decryption engine to intercept and process the HTTPS/SSL encrypted traffic. The system is capable of monitoring the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. It provides profile info as well as private messages from Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. System use proprietary technology to get acquire the credentials of the target and download all his emails if he is using POP3, POP3S, SMTP, SMTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, iCloud e-mails. System is also capable of capturing the browsed webpage URL and GPS coordinate.

The SCL 5020SE system does not require the service providers SIM for operation. Unlike the other active system where the monitoring agency is billed for the forwarding of target's calls, which can raise suspicion for the target due to reduced bill amount (since the call charges are borne by the monitoring agency).

SCL-5020SE is packed with some advance features which allows to display the approximate location of the target on google map. SCL-5020SE can plot its own location on Google Map, location of the service providers BTS as well as the approximate location of the target. The display of approximate location of the target on map provides a fair idea about the location which can further be tracked by using handy GSM DF. The Handy GSM DF is very useful to locate the targets in multistoried building or in a crowded place. Along with the interception of the traffic from targets phones, system has got capability to jam the specific phones and will not allow them to communicate

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