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Detect, Unveil & Prevent 5th Generation Warfare threats

Detect, Unveil & Prevent 5th Generation Warfare threats

Open Source Intelligence Capabilities

While importance of OSINT is well realized across our community, it's potential in preventing the potential incidents, detecting the propaganda campaigns & unveiling the perpetrators is hardly focused upon.

Could a suicide Bombing have been prevented?
Could a suicide bombing have been prevented?
The radical involved in the suicide bombing had 2 social media accounts. Although one had completely unsuspicious activities another was actively used to associate with terror groups posting his images with weapons. The cross linked accounts belonging to a single person got discovered only after post incident analysis inspite of the strong resemblance from t-shirt patterns & birthmarks.
Exposing a State Sponsored bot network
A nation state-sponsored propaganda misinformation campaign deployed a network of 25K bots within a span of 3 days entirely made up of newly created and stolen accounts to target those speaking critically against Authoritarian Regimes. The campaign quickly further expanded across multiple languages, platforms, countries, and topics, against protests, as confirmed by the Twitter Discloser report.
Exposing a State Sponsored bot network
Shoghi's High Ground Visibility solution offers early sensing of propaganda, identifying origin of misinformation & disinformation campaigns & the network of affiliations responsible for promoting it.
Automated alerts based on affiliations with anti-social elements helps profile real identities or waves of bots campaigning for propaganda disinformation & misinformation.
The Detailed Profiling equipped with Facial recognition technology resolves alias identities with real ones detecting same faces across internet sphere.
Target specific operational modules offers capability to counter brainwashing propaganda for timely remediation.
Unveiling from the Dark Web

Unveiling from the Dark Web

Darknet: Threat actor infamous among many security departments of numerous leading corporations worldwide. The actor provides services that allow fraud actors to check whether a given set of stolen credentials are valid for popular banking, e-commerce, and retail mobile apps. Identifying the real identity of the actor was a great challenge.

Our penetration in niche Dark web remote communities recently led us in resolving an alias dark web identity to a real one.

Electronic Warfare

Preventing Drone Attacks

Preventing Drone Attacks

There have been incidents where critical infrastructure was sabotaged using Drone attacks, which resulted in a huge loss of lives and billions, escalating tension between the two countries. Is our air space safe from such modern threats?
Shoghi’s Anti Drone System is Mil-Grade All weather Drone Jamming system, designed for 360 Deg Auto Detection, Triangulation and Neutralization of Single or Swarm of UAVs/Drones with an Enhanced Detection and Jamming Range. The system comes with a 360 Degree built-in radar for detection of the UAVs/Drones from 3 -50Km range with an Azimuth of 60 Deg. Such a High Detection and Suppression Range enables the operators to create a larger security perimeter with continuous monitoring of any Intrusion.

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