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Automated VSAT based Communication Intercept technology

Shoghi brings to our Intelligence Customers an automated VSAT based Communication Intercept technology which performs acquisition, Demodulation and Archival of all VSAT based traffic. The system has been designed to provide Plain Voice, Fax , HTTP traffic like web pages , emails , chats, etc. The system is a perfect solution to collect intelligence on across the border VSAT networks. The system has embedded classifiers for various VSAT makes and accordingly perform Receiving and Processing functions based on make and type of Target VSAT network.

VSAT network is widely used worldwide and getting popularity because of the small antenna size, larger bandwidth and quick deployment. These networks are being used by private agencies, military battalion, troops on move, embassies, etc. Shoghi Communications has designed state-of-the-art VSAT Monitoring System (SCL-VMS) which provides our customers a strategic Intelligence edge in its region to monitor private VSAT network of their own country as well as neighboring countries which are under the footprint of the satellite coverage. The SCL-VMS provides an automated platform for satellite carrier scanning, identification of VSAT networks, monitoring and collection of information in the form of Voice, Fax and Internet-based activity. All the relevant and required decoders to achieve full intelligence has been seamlessly integrated into the system for providing the operator with automatic reception and processing.

There are several VSAT equipment manufacturers globally and each manufacturer has several models which are working on their proprietary protocols. Each VSAT network is working on the concept of Hub and Terminals. One hub can serve many terminals depending upon the network topology and frequencies available. It was really a big roadblock for intelligence agencies to identify the VSAT manufacturer type of the VSAT modem, Hub or Terminal frequencies and their association just by looking at the spectrum. Shoghi Communication has developed a solution to scan all transponders of the satellite and automatically find the VSAT manufacturer, modem type, Hub and terminal frequencies and provides the snapshot of the captured carriers and its payload.

The VSAT Monitoring System (SCL-VMS) is integrated with Satellite Carrier Scanning Subsystem which performs an integrated search involving the use of specially designed demodulators to search the spectrum and classify the VSAT carriers from different VSAT OEMs like iDirect, Hughes and Gilat. During scanning, SCL-VMS automatically detects the VSAT HUBs and their respective terminals. This will provide a complete picture to the system operator of the various carriers identified which can be further processed by the VSAT Monitoring System for content monitoring.

During content monitoring, the SCL-VMS monitors the target VSAT networks and is capable of intercepting both inbound and outbound traffic through VSAT HUB and Terminals operating on C, Ku and Ka-band. The system can intercept and handle the proprietary protocols of iDirect Infiniti Series, iDirect NetModem, iDirect NetModem2, Hughes DirecWay, Hughes PES, Hughes TES, Gilat Dial@Way, Gilat Sky Star Advantage to provide Plain Voice, Fax, HTTP Pages, Emails with attachment, downloaded files, etc. SCL-VMS is equipped with user-friendly GUI on operator workstations to analyze the intercepted traffic.



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Begin 1998

Shoghi came into existence with an objective to develop integrated electronic defense technologies, products and systems.


Entry of Shoghi into innovative defense technologies further strengthened its position in Indian and international defense market.


The launch of advanced defense technologies by Shoghi have been helping the government authorities to tackle big challenges.

Now 2016