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With the change in time, the mode of communication has also changed drastically. As we know, that 3G/4G networks are already operating on the A5.3 algorithm, and now most of the 2G networks across the globe are also shifting to the A5.3 algorithm. Considering this, decrypting and intercepting communication over A5.3, at the current time, is the biggest challenge faced by intelligence agencies and government officials globally.

It's a known fact that no one has been able to provide A5.3 decrypting technology yet. However, to counter this challenge, Shoghi has developed a revolutionary and advanced system that can downgrade the A5.3 sessions and intercept them without any loss of communication.

A5.3 decrypting technology

A5.3 Downgrader:
The Advanced Solution

This state-of-the-art system is designed to help the government and intelligence agencies to intercept and decode the voice and SMS traffic from the networks working on the A5.3 encryption algorithm; this allows them to keep track of the communication. It is a multi-channel downgrader system designed to downgrade hundreds of A5.3 sessions to A5.1 encryption simultaneously on any of the chosen base stations. The system has the capability to handle up to 16 base stations at any given time.

Also, you can use this in combination with our passive wideband GSM monitoring system to intercept mass communication information from cellular phones in the area of interest. Based on the aim and mission of the government and intelligence agencies, you can deploy this in multiple modes as well. It can be used as a standalone system or can be integrated with a third-party GSM monitoring system.

A5.3 Downgrader:
The Advanced Solution


While the safety of the communication running over the radio links connecting the users on the network services is crucial, it is equally important for intelligence agencies and government authorities to monitor the traffic in order to avoid transferring of any unauthorised information such as anti-government propaganda, promotion of terrorism or illegal activities, etc. The A5.3 decryptor is a perfect, need-of-the-hour technology designed by Shoghi for the same purpose. It is a perfect solution for monitoring of traffic from the latest 2G networks, which use A5.3 as base encryption.

This game-changer technology in the cellular domain can easily work on the A5.3 encryption algorithm along with the GSM monitoring system. The facility of deploying it in various modes can offer crucial intel during clandestine missions.

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