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The Internet Offers Unlimited Freedom

In an era where our lives are intricately connected to the digital realm, understanding and prioritizing cybersecurity has never been more critical. Governments all over the world strive to protect their citizens and national assets from hidden internet dangers. They need protection against abusive online content, phishing, fake accounts, Dark Web activities, and multiple cyber threats to the telecom networks.


Government agencies play a pivotal role in ensuring cybersecurity at a macro level. Legislation and regulations combined with the ability to enforce policies, empower Governments to play their part effectively.

Shoghi offers a comprehensive set of capabilities, required by law enforcement agencies and regulators.

Regulation of social media usage and the ability to identify specific users in specific locations can also be very important to ensure public safety. Geo-locating anonymous targets based on their posts/ tweets is a capability that is essential for Government agencies at operational level. Using the right tool, it is possible to limit the communications of criminals or suspects. In particular, the regulator / LEA might require blocking the usage of VPN and access to the dark web. Degradation of online calls is another such capability that can pay rich dividends.

Cyber Intelligence Solution

Protecting Government digital assets against domestic and foreign attackers is a national security requirement. It is essential to have nationwide coordinated protection against DDOS threats and information leakage.

Cyber Solutions to
Assist Governments to….

Disruption of Critical Infrastructure

Get visibility and control of unwanted abusive online content and unauthorized applications.

Disruption of Critical Infrastructure

Prevent access to unlawful applications, VPNs, and anonymizers.

Disruption of Critical Infrastructure

Track dark web and crypto exchanges.

Disruption of Critical Infrastructure

Protect national digital assets against DDOS attacks and secure the service providers at a national level.

Use Case

right-check    Implementation of government regulation and policies.

right-check    Prevent the spread of false propaganda.

right-check    Prevent broadcasts of harmful videos and social media content.

right-check    Network visibility.

right-check    Metadata collection on social media applications.

right-check    Monitor a user, network, or country-wide web access.

right-check    Awareness and control of VoIP traffic.

right-check    VPNs and anonymizers detection and control.

right-check    Uncovering darknet user access.

right-check    Mitigate advance cyber attacks.

Our Cyber Portfolio

right-check    Web Intelligence, Social Media Monitoring and Target Geolocation.

right-check    Open-Source Intelligence and Target Profiling.

right-check    Remote Device Data Extraction.

right-check    Dark Web Interception and Analysis.

right-check    Disruptive Capabilities.

right-check    ADINT Solution.

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