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Accelerate The Cross Border Security With Anti-Drone System

Since the beginning, technological advancements have come up with their equal share of progress and potential disruption. One of them is the increased usage of aerial surveillance tools such as unmanned aerial vehicles or drones. Timely detection and accurate tracing of smaller drones are major challenges faced by existing technologies. They've been caught having unauthorized access to sensitive facilities resulting in cross-border security risk. More or less, drones have become a threat to the safety of citizens and governmental agencies.

The New-Age Solution

The concerns associated with the legal and ethical use of drones are also among major reasons for debate over widespread adoption of the technology. In this scenario, availability of a counter technology will help in neutralizing the situation. After an in-depth analysis of the current and futuristic drone surveillance and their associated risks, Shoghi has come up with an effective solution.

The Anti Drone System by Shoghi is adorned with sophisticated and Avant-grade technology that offers all-weather drone jamming capabilities, 360-degree auto-detection mode, triangulation, and neutralization of single or swarm of UAVs/Drones with an enhanced detection and jamming range. The Mil-grade system comes with an in-built radar system capable of detecting drones in a long range with an Azimuth of 60 Deg.

Key Capabilities

With the high degree of detention and suppression range, Shoghi’s Anti Drone System empowers the operators to secure a larger perimeter and ensure continuous monitoring to avoid infiltration that can be a threat

It provides the following key capabilities:

  • Locate, detect, and neutralise hostile targets.
  • 360-degree drone jamming capability.
  • Mil-Grade all-weather drone jamming system.
  • Enhanced detection and jamming range.
  • Capable of triangulation and neutralisation of one or a swarm of drones.
  • Integrated map application to visualise the direction of the drone once detected.
  • Long-range detection of drones with an azimuth of 60 degrees with the help of a built-in radar system.
  • Facility to activate multiple systems that can help to assist in accurate Triangulation and Location Finding of the drone and then neutralise it.
  • A complete pre-integrated system offers users a comprehensive Situational Awareness picture and Anti-Drone Capability.

Variants Available




Security is a significant concern for the government and intelligence agencies. While drones offer an immense opportunity to strengthen the Country’s Border Security, the counter-threat cannot be left unseen. This calls for the need of the government to secure vital premises to safeguard the country and its residents by investing in high-end technology like the Shoghi’s anti-drone system. With effective detection of UAVs to neutralize related threats, Shoghi is known for its advanced intelligence warfare technology with customization and adaptability as per customer needs.

The ability to provide a total comprehensive situational awareness picture and Anti-Drone capability to the user has made Shoghi's anti-drone system a pioneer in the field. As a leading provider of intelligent electronic defense technology and products, Shoghi is the fastest-growing company globally with prompt responsiveness and reliability, ensuring its customer epitome service.

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