Intelligence | Surveillance | Reconnaissance

Intelligence | Surveillance | Reconnaissance

Shoghi is deeply invested in the field of Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) with multitude of products which directly address the requirements of Defense forces and Intelligence organizations. The focus of Shoghi has been in the development of fully integrated sensors with advanced signal processing capabilities for off-the-air, passive monitoring solutions covering the diverse media of satellite, submarine and cellular communications. The key aspect of providing integrated decryption capabilities for respective solutions make it more attractive for the discerning customers from more than seventy countries to choose Shoghi as their prime partner for ISR solutions.

Shoghi has concentrated its efforts to develop monitoring solutions for long range communication media like satellite communication as a key effort to help customers in their means to gain strategic intelligence over their adversaries. Rampant usage of satellite phones with encryption by terrorists has customers wanting integrated solutions for monitoring satellite phone networks over their own country and areas of interest. The explosion of mobile communications has the defense and monitoring agencies needing off-the-air solutions to monitor the mobile communications. Radio communications has been growing from traditional defense communications to establishment of modern digital mobile radio networks and Wi-Fi which are of immense interest to the various government defense and security agencies. Shoghi is constantly working in these areas to provide newer solutions in the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) domain for this purpose.

Another major aspect in the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Domain is the ability to integrate information gathered from numerous sensors and then be able to correlate them to provide a capability to link targets and information for better assimilation of information. This would require capabilities to integrate various information heads from diverse sensors into integrated databases where advanced big data analytics can be employed. Shoghi will its vast experience in the various sensors and integrated solutions can provide such advanced capabilities to customers who wish to migrate to a higher plane of intelligence gathering, collation and processing of information for superior results with advanced analysis capabilities. 


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Note:- All the system / equipments offered by us are for end - usage by Government or Ministry of Defence or its related agencies only and not for private or commercial usage.