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Inbuilt Secure Desktop Application

Inbuilt Secure Desktop Application (SCL-ISDA) is designed to protect your communication from eavesdropping and interception by providing Military Grade Security for your confidential conversations. Inbuilt Secure Desktop provides encrypted voice calls, encrypted text conversations, encrypted file sharing, encrypted group chat and encrypted video message. Inbuilt Secure Desktop Application is a software which can be installed on Windows and Mac desktop. Inbuilt Secure Desktop Application is fully compatible with our Inbuilt Secure GSM Application (for iOS and Android), ShieldMaster MP and ShieldMaster DP. SCL-ISDA users can communicate securely with other users which are on the different network and using Inbuilt Secure GSM Application (for iOS and Android), ShieldMaster MP and ShieldMaster DP.

SCL-ISDA works as peer-to-peer to provide end-to-end security for your communication. The entire traffic is encrypted using Military Grade encryption algorithms. Whenever a call is set up between two SCL-ISDA users, a new set of 256-bit unique keys are generated for the encryption/decryption of the communication. Once the call is over these keys will be destroyed by the application and will never be used again in the life cycle of the equipment.


  • Provides point to point secure voice calls, secure text message and secure file transfer
  • Allows secure group chat
  • Can work on any type of available IP network
  • Military Grade encryption with 256- bit key
  • Diffie-Hellmann 8192 or Elliptic Curves B571/ Elliptic Curves B571 P521 key exchange
  • Generation of a unique set of keys for each voice call and after completion of calls keys are destroyed
  • Provide protection from all possible threads, like Brute Force or Man-in-the-Middle attacks
  • Flexibility to add proprietary or custom encryption algorithm of the customer

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