HF Encryption Module (SCL-HRE)

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HF Encryption Module

The HF Encryption Module has been designed to provide the highest level of security in radio communications as a defense from unauthorized interception by clever and unwanted listeners with sophisticated equipment. SCL-HRE provides military grade security over analogue radios without needing to change the entire system from analogue to digital radios.  The military grade encryption algorithm embedded in the SCL-HRE support 256 bit key. The encryption module is capable of Over the Air Reprograming (OTAR) which can switch on or disable radios.

The SCL-HRE is available as a plug in module for certain module of Motorola and Kenwood. SCL-HRE fits inside the radio and cannot be accessed without opening radio. Even after physical access for programming or reading of information it will ask the user defined password. This provides security against compromise of the algorithm in case the equipment falls into the wrong hands and danger of the unique keyword being revealed.


  • Provides a very high level of speech security using militray grade encryption algorithm
  • Multiple standards of algorithms available for use on radio equipment
  • Plug-in encryption modules which cannot be accessed for reading of information without password access
  • Can be used over different scenarios of CCTS/DCS, MPT 1327, Selcall and other standards used in professional two way radios
  • Digital encryption enhances system performance by reduction of interference or interruption
  • Over the Air Reprograming (OTAR) capability can switch on or disable radios

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