The GPRS Data processing module is designed to work in conjunction with Semi-Active GSM Monitoring System to intercept and process the traffic from GPRS. The SCL-GPRS is seamlessly integrated with HTTPS/SSL decryption engine to intercept and process the HTTPS/SSL encrypted traffic. The system is capable of monitoring the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. It provides profile info as well as private messages from Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. System use proprietary technology to get acquire the credentials of the target and download all his emails if he is using POP3,POP3S,SMTP,SMTPS,IMAP,IMAPS,iCloud e-mails. System is also capable of capturing the browsed webpage URL and GPS coordinate. SCL-GPRS is capable of fetching the phone number from WhatsApp traffic.


  • Decryption and analysis of SSL-encrypted traffic
  • Monitoring of Social Media like Facebook and Viber
  • Can obtain the profile info and private messages from Facebook, Telegram and Twitter
  • Can fetch the phone number from WhatsApp traffic
  • Downloading e-mails from target accounts using login/password or authentication token
    • POP3
    • POP3S
    • SMTP
    • SMTPS
    • IMAP (PLAIN and Oauth2 authentication)
    • IMAPS
    • iCloud e-mails
  • Can download the backups from iCloud
  • Logging browsed webpages URLs
  • Capturing GPS coordinates

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