Unmanned Aerial Vehicle belongs to the class of tactical short range systems to meet the requirements of aerial surveillance, reconnaissance and target designation. For the military purpose UAVs can be used as part of the intelligence information system. Shoghi offer UAV based surveillance systems which are equipped with state of art optical and SAR sensors to provide high resolution images and video of ground objects from air. The UAV payloads include optical sensor (which is a UAVs daytime and infra-red camera) and a synthetic aperture radar sensor capable of providing photographic like images through clouds, rain or fog, and in daytime or night time conditions; all in real time.

Optical surveillance systems are capable to transmit the video or image to ground control station during flight or can store the acquired images and video in the UAV on board computer. Optical surveillance systems have been specially designed for homeland security and military applications where reliability and extended persistence are required.


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