National and economic security of most nations has become dependent on cyberspace. Protection of cyberspace will depend, in part, on successful cyber operations. Cyberspace is the domain in which these operations take place, and it is evolving rapidly, through increased use of virtualization and cloud services, ubiquitous mobility, and the integration of cyber systems into the physical world. To be successful in this future environment, cyber operations will need to be supported by more defensible systems, to be informed by a greater understanding of system state and threat actors, and to be more adaptive.

This emerging subject of information warfare, part of which is called “cyberwar” because of its use of computers and communications networks, and the societal element which is called “netwar,” is considered revolutionary because it renders geographical distances mostly irrelevant, costs relatively little, blurs the boundaries between warfare and criminal activity, and poses new challenges for policy, intelligence, and military operations.

Conceptually, at least, information warfare becomes strategic warfare when it includes attacks on a country’s national information networks that are designed to affect strategic military operations and capabilities or to damage the critical national infrastructures of the homeland sanctuary.

At Shoghi, our mission is to provide premier security solutions that empower our clients with the latest cyber security knowledge and capability. We specialize in advanced information security and have extensive expertise in all levels of Information Assurance. Shoghi Has been providing trainings to various Defence and Government personnel’s in the field of Cyber Security and Cyber warfare since 2002 and

The objective of our trainings course is primarily to
1. Introduce the student to the basic concepts of Cyber Domain and impart high level in-depth practical hands on training in the field of Cyber Security , information operations and information warfare
2. Develop an  absolute understanding of the use of information as a tool of statecraft and as a weapon of war;
3. Analyze our Internal strengths and weaknesses, and those of our potential adversaries, in this realm.
4. Design and Adapt various tools in order to collect and process intelligence in this domain.

The Courses have been designed keeping in mind all level of operator understanding and range from basic courses of 15 days up to courses for 6 months or more;  including theoretical and practical hands on operations and periodic tests in Cyber Security and Cyber Warfare skills.

Cyber Security and Cyber warfare is Need of the hour and Military operations across the globe are now gearing up to address this new Age of warfare with in-depth trainings and acquisition of Tools. Shoghi , through its other divisions provide comprehensive sets of Intelligence Collection tools for Interception of Terrestrial , Satellite, Under sea Cable interception and Signal Processing , Radio Protocol Decoding’s , Social Media Monitoring , Big Data Analytics, On Line Decryption solutions, which support the operators conducting cyber warfare operations. This makes Shoghi a one-stop location for all the customer requirements in this domain.


Shoghi has a vast experience in now creating fully operational and Integrated Cyber Warfare lab for our Defence and Government customers.
Please contact Shoghi’s – Special Products Division to know more about this capability.

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