Radar Signal Detection, Identification and Direction Finding System (SCL-RSDID)

Electronic WarfareESM/ELINT System


Radar Signal Detection, Identification and Direction Finding System

The SCL-RSDID is designed for scanning and detection of radar signals. The system supports frequency ranges from 0.5-18 GHz frequency bands (L, S, C, X and J-bands) with optional extension to 30-36GHz. The SCL-RSDID provides both manual and operator assisted (automated) modes of operation designed for radar signal detection, identification and detection finding of military, paramilitary, naval, air force and commercial radar signal.

In manual modes, the system is designed to allow the operator to perform precision control over all hardware settings, visually monitor and decide on emitter activity of interest, then selectively collect pulses that are within Operator defined amplitude, frequency, pulse width and pointing angle envelopes. Once collected, emitter activity can be visualized, processed, analyzed, edited, reviewed, and stored onto hard disk.

In the automated modes of operation, the SCL-RSDID provides computer controlled acquisition across one or more frequency ranges of interest, previous intercept revisits or known database entries.


  • Detection of non-comm signals over the 0.5-18 GHz frequency range with optional extensions for above and below 0.5-18 GHz (Especially at 30-36 GHz range)
  • Wide 2000 MHz bandwidth for capturing modern, frequency agile emitters with high probability of intercept
  • Standard 25 and 75 MHz narrow bandwidths for high precision signal measurement
  • Real-time and post processing displays aid operator in signal separation, identification, analysis, and capture
  • Support for external centralized database program that interfaces with one or more database to pass back matched emitter information, isolation of classified database
  • 360 degree instantaneous field-of-view using the omni- directional antenna

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