Radar Counter Measure System (SCL-RCMS)

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RADAR Counter Measure Systems

Radar Counter Measure System (SCL-RCMS) has been designed for the denial of radar system covering L, S, C and X bands. The SCL-RCMS is a versatile radar denial solution employing Digital Radio Frequency Memory, or DRFM jamming (Repeater Jamming) technique. DRFM manipulates received radar energy and retransmits it to change the return signal the radar sees. This technique can change the range, the radar detects by changing the delay in transmission of pulses.

The system has a fully programmable low power unit which can be programmed for almost any jamming waveform needed and then through microwave frequency converters the denial system can be configured to operate in the above mentioned frequency band.

The radar denial system can be deployed either on vehicle or on battleship depending upon the output power capabilities and the operational planning. Power levels range from 10 Watts to 4KW with respect to the frequency range of operation.


  • The system operates in L, C, S, X Frequency bands
  • Power levels range from 10 Watts to 4 KW
  • Deployment can be done either on vehicle or battleship
  • Additional pitch & roll stabilizer is provided for ship installation
  • Rotational reflector for continuous azimuth coverage without the need of rotary contacts
  • Power Supply can be either DC or AC and it is fully configurable by customer needs

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