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January 2016
Welcome to the new!!

After Two years of steady growth, it was time to give a much needed overhaul. We knew our customers wanted more information’s on our products along with operational screenshots and the design was somewhat dated. Ease of use , Auto Language Translations and a better Secured area which is dedicated for our regional partners, has now been included in our new site.

It was no easy task, but we finally pulled the trigger on Saturday 09th January 2016, with the launch of our website redesign. We’ve worked out most of the kinks and are happy to share with you the new features we believe will be a huge benefit to all.



GSM Monitoring

In order to find the suspicious targets in a crowded area or to keep eye on the criminal/suspect without involving service provider or going through the warrant process. The off-the-air GSM monitoring system is powerful and practical tool for the intelligence agencies to meet the field operational requirements. Such systems are portable and can be used for clandestine mission or can be installed in vehicle for covert operations. Shoghi Communications Ltd has designed passive and semi-active system for off-the-air GSM traffic interception. Both of these systems can be used in different scenarios based on the field operational requirement.

Passive GSM Monitoring System (SCL-5020P)
The Passive GSM Monitoring System has been designed to intercept the GSM traffic off-the-air from GSM 2G, 2.5G,3G and 4G/LTE cellular networks.
Semi Active GSM Monitoring System
The Semi Active off-the-air GSM Monitoring System (SCL-5020SE) is designed using cutting edge technology to intercept the Voice...
New at Shoghi
Iridium Monitoring System (SCL-3415)
Iridium Monitoring System (SCL-3415) is designed to intercept Voice, SMS and Data traffic from Iridium satellite phones. The system is pre-integrated & pre-configured in a compact ruggedized transportable casing for plug and play operations. SCL-3415 intercepts the signals from L-band uplink (from Iridium Phones to Iridium Satellites) and downlink...
Vehicular RCIED Jamming System
Vehicular RCIED Jammer is designed for the protection of vehicles in convoy or individual from RCIED triggered explosives. System is capable of jamming the frequency range from 25-6000MHz with an integral power of up to 1300watts to provide a good protective radius around the vehicle...
Indian Heritage
14th January, 2016 - The history of Lohri, a seasonal festival of North India is as old as that of story of Indus Valley civilization itself. The Festival of Lohri marks the beginning of the end of winter and the coming of spring and the new year...
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