Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare

Shoghi provides Electronic Warfare ELINT / ESM / ECM systems for airborne and ground platforms to interpret a wide range of electronic signals from deep within enemy territory as well as Monitor and Jam Radio Communications. Transportable / Stationary Communication jammers are designed for protection against remote operated and controlled explosive devices.

Shoghi also specializes in providing our customers with GPS Jamming system for Asset Protection against GPS Navigated Threats. Shoghi takes pride in our High precision system design and Implementation.

Our ESM/ELINT systems are developed and customized to handle most severe operating conditions and customer requirements.


Shoghi Communications is a leader in Electronic Warfare Solutions. Our Electronic warfare systems interpret wide range of electronic signals from enemy’s territory. Electronic Warfare involves jamming or spoofing an adversary’s electronic sensing or electronic communications. Common examples include detecting communications at a certain frequency and then jamming that frequency or detecting an incoming radar signal and responding with a simulated return signal indicating a location. In today’s world, Electronic Warfare is often overlapping with ISR. Shoghi provides Electronic warfare systems for airborne and ground platforms which include: RCIED Jammers RF Jammer Area Protection Jammers ESM – Electronic Support Measures/ ELINT – Electronic Intelligence Systems

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Note:- All the system / equipments offered by us are for end - usage by Government or Ministry of Defence or its related agencies only and not for private or commercial usage.